What is Glazed Brick & Structural Glazed Tile?

8x16 Structural Glazed Tile & 4x16 Glazed Brick in Red Carnegie Vanguard High School

Both Glazed Brick and Structural Glazed Facing Tile (SGFT) have a ceramic glazed face and a body of clay, shale, fire-clay, or mixtures thereof, which must meet the high quality standards as currently outlined in ASTM C-1405 and C-126, respectively.

Traditionally SGFT has been considered an interior unit. In the larger “tile” units the cells or core holes can run horizontally or vertically through the units and can be used in load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications. There is also a wide variety of shapes in the standard offering with SGFT. ASTM C-126 sets performance requirements for the glazed finish on these units.

Glazed brick has traditionally been used as an exterior product. Their core holes typically run vertically through their units.  ASTM C-1405 requires that glazed brick must meet rigorous physical properties for durability as well as performance properties for its glazed finish.   In ASTM C-1405, the Class Exterior classification considers freeze/thaw action in severe weather exposures which is not considered in ASTM C-126.   Under ASTM C-1405, the glazed brick may be made with up to 25% void (Division Solid), 25% to 40% void (Division H40V), and 40% to 60% void (Division H60V).